2 Layer Face Mask with Filter Pocket

I am constantly trying the think of new ways to improve face masks. I am going to be wearing these every day to work like many of you and I hope to create masks that are both comfortable and functional.

After making the 3 layer mask with a filter pocket I thought I would give this one a try. I was very pleased with the results.


This mask uses my regular contoured face mask pattern, but cut at the pocket line, so it is a bit more narrow. This actually is nice because it’s not as hot since it doesn’t extend as far toward the ears.


The channel for the nose bridge wire is optional, but is simply a row of stitches attaching the lining to the exterior fabric.


I didn’t use any interfacing on mine, and I really like how lightweight it is, even with the filter.


I also tried strap adjusters with this mask. They are handy and are quite easy to use. I like that they are small and not bulky.


8 x 10 inches Main Cotton Fabric (Dimensions work for all sizes. You may need less fabric for smaller sizes)

8 x 10 inches Lining Cotton Fabric

Straps (I used 1/8 inch elastic)

Filter (Optional)

Nose Bridge Wire (Optional)

Strap Adjusters (Optional)

Free Pattern:

Contour Face Mask Pattern with Filter Pocket by learncreatesew



The face mask key chain case is always a fun project 🙂 It’s a little tight fitting the nose bridge wire, and you have to fold the filter, but I like to store my mask in the case when it’s not in use, without the filter and wire. I find it keeps my masks nice and organized.

6 thoughts on “2 Layer Face Mask with Filter Pocket

  1. Hope says:

    Hi, why are the comments turned off on your videos?? Since your channel is about learning how to sew, don’t you think we have questions??? Because I do, my question is about your mask videos, does the bottom of the masks cup under the chin??

    • SewEvermore says:

      Thank you for your question! I am so sorry for the inconvenience. No, the 2 layer mask and other contour masks do not cup under the chin. However, the stretch knit face mask does go under the chin.
      I originally had my videos set “for kids” to protect my students, as I use the videos in elementary and middle school classrooms, but this restricted many features. As a compromise, and to make the videos more user friendly for my other viewers, I decided simply to disable comments instead. I understand this is not an ideal solution and appreciate the feedback. I apologize for any difficulty this may cause.

  2. Sue says:

    You mention in the video that there are instructions on the website for using ties, but I don’t see them. Is the process the same as with elastic. If so, how long to you recommend the straps to be?


    • SewEvermore says:

      Hello! Thank you for your question! My contoured face mask videos show a few styles of ties, and I have included the link to the page below if you are interested. The process is very similar to elastic, you just add one tie at each corner.
      As for the length it really varies depending on the size and style. For ties that go behind the ears I usually cut mine about 11-12 inches long. If they tie behind the head and neck I make them longer, usually about 16 – 18 inches. I hope this helps!

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