Face Mask with Yarn Ties

Here is a new version of my face mask tutorial! It uses the same pattern as my previous tutorial that had fabric ties. Face Mask Family Sizes by learncreatesew The fabric ties are great! They are durable, comfortable, and work really well. That said, they can be time consuming to sew and can be challenging … Continue reading Face Mask with Yarn Ties

No Sew Fleece Face Mask

I know what you are thinking…not another face mask! I promise, my next project will be something different, but I couldn’t resist. I was talking to my mom about different types of face masks and when fleece came up I just had to share this idea. Not all of us are seamstresses, but we all … Continue reading No Sew Fleece Face Mask

Stretch Knit Face Mask

This is one of my favorite face masks. SO comfortable! And I love the fit! With a lot of face masks I have a hard time finding just the right fit. Since the knit fabric stretches, it wraps around the face quite nicely. I used a brushed polyester spandex from JoAnn that has a great … Continue reading Stretch Knit Face Mask

Contour Face Mask

I really like the look of contoured face masks! Making a pattern has been on my to-do list for several weeks, and I am happy to share it with you today! With many of the patterns I tried, I found that the mask would move around a lot when I spoke. This drove me crazy, … Continue reading Contour Face Mask

Lace Overlay Face Mask

I just had to give this project a try, I couldn’t help myself. I normally do a lot of costuming, and when I had the idea to branch away from cotton fabrics for the mask I couldn’t resist! This was a lot of fun to make 🙂 I don’t think it would be my everyday … Continue reading Lace Overlay Face Mask

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