Fox Plush

This cute little fox is fun and easy to make! I was really pleased with the results. I don’t know why, but the cute little tails are always my favorite 🙂 The pattern offers two different size options. You can  decorate the plush as you like, or leave it simple.    I’m happy to say … Continue reading Fox Plush

Pig Plush

The Pig Plush pattern and instructions are finally ready! They are cute and cuddly! With awesome little tails. The pattern comes with two different sizes so you can choose the size that best suits you. The smaller plush stands 5 – 6 inches tall and the larger 7- 8 inches. The size varies a bit … Continue reading Pig Plush

Sloth Plush

One of my favorite projects that I made this year was a sloth plush! My students absolutely love making plushies, and as I am sure you have noticed sloths are HUGE right now. I tried several different designs for the plush before coming up with this one. I really like that you can hang the … Continue reading Sloth Plush

Sloth Plush Doll Backpack

When I made the sloth plush project I always intended for there to be accessories to go with it. So, here is the first! This is a tiny little backpack that is just adorable on the sloth project! It could easily be adapted for other dolls and stuffed animals by adjusting the elastic straps. You … Continue reading Sloth Plush Doll Backpack

Rag Doll

I have finished my rag doll pattern! I’ve been working hard to create the instructional videos and I am happy to say that I have the body instructions ready to share with you today. I really enjoyed working on this project and mixing and matching fabrics to create the body of the doll. I love … Continue reading Rag Doll

Little Bear

This simple bear plush is great for beginning sewers and service projects! My first year sewing students made these bears for a children’s hospital. They were a big hit for both those making the bears and those receiving them. They are quick to make and even my new sewers were successful! They are also a … Continue reading Little Bear

Lovely Little Llama

With Valentine’s Day coming up I was inspired by a cute new idea! A Lovely Little Llama Valentine! This little llama has a blanket with two pockets that can deliver valentines for the big day 🙂 Not only would this llama be adorable for Valentine’s Day, but any holiday! Change the colors to green and … Continue reading Lovely Little Llama

Sloth Plush Dress

I have long been meaning to post a tutorial on how to make a dress for the Sloth plush, but it always seemed to slip my mind. A special thanks to Carol for reminding me about it! The dress is a cute little addition to the sloth plush and a lot of fun to make. … Continue reading Sloth Plush Dress

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