One Tie Back Face Mask – No Interfacing, No Elastic, No Bias Tape

With supplies and resources scarce, and with traveling to stores discouraged, I wanted to make a face mask that required as few specialty supplies as possible.


I decided to make a face mask with ties instead. The ties can be made with 1.25 inches (by width of fabric) strip of cotton fabric. It also only has a single tie in the back for easier wear.



Thanks to my mom and her fabulous testing of face masks, she gave me dimensions for face masks of multiple sizes.


I hope you enjoy the pattern and the tutorial!

Here is the free pattern!

Face Mask Family Sizes by learncreatesew

New Size added:

Large Adult Size Face Mask Pattern by learncreatesew

Some users have mentioned that after following the sizing listed on the pattern the ear pieces were a little short. You can add a bit more to the measurement to be on the safe side if you like.

Also, personalized sizing may be helpful! If you plan to make many masks, I would make one as a test mask first. Than you can use that as a guide for sizing. Clip pieces of ribbon the the sides of the completed mask and have the intended wearer try it on. Adjust the ribbon to find the size of ear strap that is just right for you, and make a note of the length. (1/2 inch will be needed for the seam allowance.) Use the personalized measurements when making the mask for that wearer.

I hope this helps! Have fun sewing!



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