Face Mask Key Chain Case

Once I started making tons of face masks I decided it would be nice to have something to carry them in.


They also make great gifts if you are planning to give face masks to others!


This case is super cute and small enough to fit on a key chain.


I made two different versions, one lined and one without lining.


I also used several different closures – velcro, snaps, key rings, swivel hooks, and D-rings.


I hope you have as much fun making these as I did.


Face Mask Key Chain Pouch Web Pattern by Learncreatesew

If you have trouble printing there is an updated version of the same pattern. This version is in just black and white (no gray scale) and may be easier to print. Scroll below the videos to find the link to the updated file.





Easy Print Pattern:

3 thoughts on “Face Mask Key Chain Case

  1. Susan Davies says:

    Hi …. love the pattern for the face mask case and I’ve watched the video. Sadly am unable to print the pattern. Would it be possible for you to give me length and width of main pattern piece please (cms or ins). In the video you give the size for the loop tab but not for main piece. Would be a great help. Thankyou.

    • SewEvermore says:

      Thank you for your question! The basic case is made from one 4.25 x 9 inch rectangle. The finished edge case is made from two 5 x 9 inch rectangles.

  2. Emma says:

    Thanks for the FM key chain case. This will come in handy and gives a sensible and safe little case to store your masks. Glad I found this. Next project.

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