Fleece Santa Hat

‘Tis the Season! I couldn’t help making a project just for the holiday season. How can you not be cheerful when wearing a Santa hat? Or when your dog is wearing one!


Okay, so Gracie only wore it for like 30 seconds, but it was cute 🙂 And, yes, my dog does wear sweaters, but she has no hair so it is essential.

The Santa Hat pattern is for an adult/teen sized hat (not dog sized). It is made from fleece fabric.

The difficulty level of this project is about 3/10. You should be comfortable working with fleece. You also need to know how to slip stitch. If you don’t you may want to practice a bit before making this project as you use the slip stitch on the ball. The fabric can also get quite thick, so you’ll want to be comfortable with your machine.


Santa Hat Instructions

Santa Hat Pattern

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