Casual Flannel Skirt

This was a really fun project to make! It took me a few tries to perfect the sizing, but I was very pleased with the results.

When I designed this project I was looking for something to lounge around in, especially in the summer.


Pockets are a must for me, so that was the first thing I decided the skirt needed.

Next, slits were a priority for ease of movement. I also ended up choosing an elastic waistband for simplicity. The elastic doesn’t have a casing, but is exposed on the inside of the skirt.


Then, I looked at my huge stack of flannel. That definitely needed some attention. You don’t necessarily need to make the skirt using flannel fabric, but that is the only fabric I have tested the project on.

The skirt is designed to sit at your natural waist, where you bend, and is very comfortable. Here is my casual skirt in action as I tried to take photos. My dogs decided it was a great time to be helpful. Unfortunately, their photography skills are lacking. Luckily, they make up for the lack in cuteness.


Casual Skirt Cut Layouts and Measurements by

Casual Skirt Pocket Pattern by



Thanks to my mom once again for being my photographer on this project!

6 thoughts on “Casual Flannel Skirt

    • SewEvermore says:

      Thank you for your question! On the website page for the casual skirt, there is a pink link just above the detailed instructions video that says Casual Skirt Pocket Pattern. If you click on that it will open a tab with the pocket pattern that you can download or print.

    • SewEvermore says:

      Thank you for your question! Yes, I did wash my flannel first. I always purchase a little more than I need to account for shrinkage and fraying. I usually just trim the frayed edges off after washing, but many people prefer to serge the edges of the fabric prior to washing to prevent all of the loose threads. While I have not tried it, I have also heard that it helps to wash the fabric in a mesh laundry bag or to clip the corners of the fabric at an angle prior to washing. Hope this helps! Happy Sewing!

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