Level 1 Lessons

This series of lessons is designed to teach the basics of sewing. Through a series of projects and exercises we will learn a variety of skills and techniques that are essential to sewing. We will cover everything from hand-sewing to basic bags and crafts, how to use store bought patterns, and general garment construction.

It is a lot of fun to learn while doing! I hope you enjoy learning to sew with me!

Lesson Order

Here is the suggested order for completing the Level 1 Sewing Projects. This list includes both the Lessons and recommended Skill Builders. LEVEL 1 Lesson 1: Name Tag Stitch Sampler Skill Builder: Blanket Stitch Applique Skill Builder: Slip Stitch Lesson 2: Owl & Sloth Rice Bags Lesson 3: Machine Stitching Practice Lesson 4: Thread the … Continue reading Lesson Order

Lesson 2: Rice Bags

The second Learn to Sew lesson continues to focus on hand-sewing. Most of the time when we are hand sewing we are not working with felt or yarn. As a result, it is very helpful to practice your stitch size and placement, as well as working with regular all-purpose thread. Recommended prep before this lesson: … Continue reading Lesson 2: Rice Bags

Lesson 4: Threading the Machine

In this lesson we will be threading Brother sewing machines. This will be demonstrated on two different machines. The first is a Brother Computerized Machine with a Horizontal Spool Pin. The second is a Brother Mechanical Machine with a Vertical Spool Pin. Brother machines are very similar, so chances are if you have a Brother … Continue reading Lesson 4: Threading the Machine

Lesson 5: Felt Carrying Case

This is a fun quick project that helps practice sewing straight seams. It also introduces bag making basics with boxed corners. Lesson Category: Machine Sewing – Straight Seams Lesson Topics: Essential Tools Cutting Rectangles Sewing Straight Seams Boxing Corners This project uses large sized felt fabric, since the pieces are larger than the standard sized … Continue reading Lesson 5: Felt Carrying Case

Lesson 6: Drawstring Bag

In this lesson we will learn several topics that are applicable in a wide variety of sewing projects. The drawstring bag introduces how to make a casing or channel that can be used to hold, a drawstring, elastic, ribbon, and more. This skill is used everywhere from bag making to garment construction and makes the … Continue reading Lesson 6: Drawstring Bag

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