Classic Fanny Pack

I have been wanting to make a fanny pack for years, and I finally did!


This is a classic fanny pack with a curved top flap. It’s what I always picture in my head when I think of a fanny pack. I made several different patterns before I settled on this one, and it was by far my favorite. It is fully lined, so no raw edges! But you could definitely make it with a single layer if you wanted to.


The waistband is also adjustable.


Since the zipper is on a curve, there is a bit of difficulty, probably a 5/10. If you aren’t as comfortable sewing zippers and think this might be a bit much for you, don’t worry! My next tutorial is a flat fanny pack and the zipper installation is much easier.


The dimensions of the fanny pack are approximately 13.5 inches side to side, 4 inches tall, and the top flap is about 2.5 inches deep. It tapers to a point at the bottom.

Here is the free pattern & my video instructions!


Classic Fanny Pack Pattern by learncreatesew

Some viewers expressed that they had a hard time printing the top piece of the pattern. If that is the case for you, below is an alternate printable version.

Alternate Print Version of Top Pattern Piece



  • 1/4 yard main exterior fabric
  • 1/4 yard lining
  • 1/2 yard of 20″ wide woven interfacing (optional)
  • 14 inch zipper
  • One side release clasp 1 inch wide
  • One tri-glide slider 1 inch wide
  • 3/4 yard or more of 1 inch wide strapping (adjustable approximately 28 – 34 inches)
    • You will need more strapping for larger waistbands.

Adjusting the length of the straps:

    • Need help adjusting the size of the strapping? Here is an formula that may help you get a rough estimate of the length needed.
    • First, I like to choose the length of the short strap. This is the side that is not adjustable. I usually like this strap to reach to my center back. After selecting that length you can use the formula to find the length of the long strap.
    • You can guess and check until you find a long length that works, or for those of you who love algebra like I do, choose a minimum or maximum circumference and then solve for L.
    • Let L = Long strap length,  Let S = Short strap length
      Approximate Measurements:
      Minimum Circumference = 13.5 + S +((L – 5)÷2)
      Maximum Circumference = 13.5 + S + (L – 5)

The Fanny Pack:

You can use different fabrics for the fanny pack.


Canvas and denim are great for the exterior. You can even use regular cotton fabric, but I do recommend interfacing. I used SF101, but a fusible fleece would probably work good as well.


You can use top stitching as  a decorative element and to add stability to the bag.


On my denim bag I used contrasting thread so the top stitching would stand out, and two rows on the sides to give it more of a “jeans” feel.


Keep an eye out for my next tutorial and I’ll show you how to make a different style of fanny pack!

30 thoughts on “Classic Fanny Pack

  1. Linda Lei Eger says:

    I will attempt to sew the classic fanny pack. I watched your entire video tutorial and you are an excellent teacher. Very clear instructions, very pleasant voice and delivery. Thank you!

    • Melinda Hubbartt says:

      Hi I’m trying to print off your pattern. All pieces print correctly except the top panel. It is cropping off no matter how I print it 😦

      • SewEvermore says:

        Thank you so much for letting me know! I double-checked the patterns but was unable to find any errors. If I have time this weekend I will try to make a pattern with the piece more centered, that does not extend so far to the edge of the paper, which may make printing easier 🙂 Until then, it may be helpful to double-check to make sure the printer is not scaling the image. On my printers, I have to make sure that I select “Actual Size”, “Default”, or “Do Not Scale”. Thanks again! I will reply again when I have the alternate pattern available.

    • SewEvermore says:

      Hello! Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I do not have the pattern in a larger size. You could try enlarging the scale of the pattern when you print (or making a copied enlargement of the original). I haven’t tried it before, so I can’t promise success, but I think it would work 🙂 If you do increase the scale you may have to increase the seam allowance size just a smidge as well. I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Lynette says:

    This is the perfect pattern. Thank you so much for sharing and making yourself available to us. I already have the perfect fabric for this. I’m excited to sew this. I just found you about a week ago, as I was browsing YouTube and then I saw tonight that you had a fanny pack…..awesome. You are an excellent teacher and look forward to seeing more. Thank you again!

      • Lynette says:

        I have a question…I know the strapping goes by the size of an individual. I did cut my first piece to the size you mentioned in the flat fanny pack….is there a “rule of thumb” to use to get the correct size. …i.e. waist size divided by something….I hope this makes sense…. I’m almost done with it

      • SewEvermore says:

        Thank you for your question! I will look into it and see if I can write an equation to help calculate the strapping length.

      • SewEvermore says:

        I think I’ve got a rough estimate 🙂 This isn’t exact, but it may give you an idea of where to start.
        Let L = Long strap length
        Let S = Short strap length
        Approximate Measurements:
        Minimum Circumference = 13.5 + S +((L – 5)÷2)
        Maximum Circumference = 13.5 + S + (L – 5)
        Hope this is helpful!
        Happy Sewing!

  3. Sharon Maue says:

    Hello. I made your flat fanny pack and was so happy with it! Thank you for sharing the free patterns. Now I would like to make the classic one and embroider the denim before I assemble it. I know you said that your embroidery design came with your Brother embroidery machine. Could you please measure it and tell me the height and width? I will look for a similar design and would like to place it the way you have yours so that it isn’t too large nor too small. Thank you very much!

    • SewEvermore says:

      Of course! The embroidery on the denim fanny pack measures 2 5/8 inches square. I hope you are able to find something that works for you!

  4. gingereobrien2861 says:

    Your pattern for the flat fanny pack doesn’t appear on line. I like your instructions, and would like to make some, thanks, Ginger

    • SewEvermore says:

      Thank you for your comment! I am so glad you enjoyed the instructions. The pattern is on the flat fanny pack page. You can access this by going to the following pages. Free Patterns – Bags & Pouches – Flat Fanny Pack. The pattern is a link, usually in pink, that is just above the detailed instruction video on the website. It says “Flat Fanny Pack Pattern by learncreatesew”. If you hover over that and then click on it the pattern should pop up. If you are still unable to locate it please let me know. Thank you!

  5. Josie Needham says:

    Great video. My grandchildren, girls and boys are outdoor people. They want me to make them one so when they go on a little hike they can put a snack bar, money, etc. It’s going to be a challenge but with your video I’m sure I’ll be able to do the zipper. Thank you.

    • SewEvermore says:

      Thanks for your question!
      1/4 yard main exterior fabric
      1/4 yard lining
      1/2 yard of 20″ wide woven interfacing (optional)
      14 inch zipper
      One side release clasp 1 inch wide
      One tri-glide slider 1 inch wide
      3/4 yard or more of 1 inch wide strapping (adjustable approximately 28 – 34 inches)
      You will need more strapping for larger waistbands.

  6. Betty says:

    I’m having trouble with the strap. Wondering how long the webbing needs to be? Also can I use a parachute buckle in place of the side release?

    • SewEvermore says:

      Thanks for your question! Yes, you can use a parachute buckle. The length of the strap can vary depending on how big you want the waistband of the fanny pack to be. For me, I cut the strapping into two pieces 8 and 18.5 inches long, creating a waistband that was adjustable to 28-34 inches. If you need the waistband to be larger or smaller than that you can adjust the lengths as needed. Another method that often works, you can cut the straps so they are larger than you need, clip them in place, and carefully try it on before sewing the straps in place, that way you can adjust them as needed. I hope this helps!

  7. Betty says:

    when I made the fanny pack it seemed smaller than you dimensions where smaller than yours. did I not print the pattern right? any thoughts on this?

    • SewEvermore says:

      Thanks for your question! It is a small fanny pack, but if the dimensions on yours were smaller it could be a couple things. The pattern could have been scaled when you printed it. Sometimes printers default to shrink the image to fit on the page or scale the image. On mine, I always have to change the settings to print actual size (or default). To check to see if that was the issue, when I print page 5 the top piece measures 10 and 7/16 inches across the straight top edge. If your pattern was printed the correct size, using a larger seam allowance can also reduce the overall size of the fanny pack. Wish I could be of more help!

    • SewEvermore says:

      Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I currently only have video instructions for this project. I will add written instructions to my list of requests. I will let you know if they become available in the future. Thank you!

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