Fox Plush

This cute little fox is fun and easy to make!


I was really pleased with the results.

I don’t know why, but the cute little tails are always my favorite 🙂


The pattern offers two different size options.


You can  decorate the plush as you like, or leave it simple.

5img_5761-1  5img_5757-1

I’m happy to say that the pattern and instructions are done and ready to share!

Happy Sewing! I hope you have just as much fun making these cute little plushies as I did.

Difficulty level is approximately a 3/10. You need to know how to work with fleece and have experience with basic hand stitching.

There are two different sizes available in the pattern. The small size stands about 5 – 6 inches tall when finished, and the larger size about 7 – 8 inches, depending on how full you stuff your plush and how stretchy your fabric is.

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