Sewing Skill Builders

Sewing Skill Builders are sewing skills that are used frequently in general sewing. Gaining a solid foundation in these skills will help with numerous projects!

Unpicking a Seam

No matter how long you’ve been sewing, or how much experience you have unpicking seams is inevitable. Sooner or later, you will have to unpick a seam. It’s actually good to do so. In most cases, when something goes wrong, it is best to redo it right away. Ignoring it can often make the issue … Continue reading Unpicking a Seam

Slip Stitch

The slip stitch is also often referred to as a ladder stitch or invisible stitch. The slip stitch is used to close pillows, linings, stuffed animals, and more. The slip stitch comes up again and again in sewing regardless if you are making bags, plush toys or garments. Being handy with a slip stitch is … Continue reading Slip Stitch

How to Sew a Seam

Once you’ve mastered threading and using seam allowances, as we studied in Lessons 3 and 4 of the Learn to Sew videos, you are ready to sew a seam. This is where all machine sewing begins! It’s important to be able to distinguish between the Right Side of the fabric, the bright side, the side … Continue reading How to Sew a Seam

Finishing Seams

One thing that comes up frequently in sewing is finishing seams. This can be just as important on simple projects as it is on garments and in more complex construction. Having a bag of tricks for finishing seams can remove the need for linings and can simplify projects. It can also provide a more polished … Continue reading Finishing Seams

French Seam

A French seam provides a great finish to many projects. In a French seam no raw edges are visible, as they all become trapped inside a small casing. This can be a really great feature as you won’t have any frayed edges. I have found this seam to be very helpful on projects that are … Continue reading French Seam