Fun Size Backpack

I absolutely LOVE this backpack! This is my favorite size backpack to take to amusement parks. At 9 x 11 inches it is smaller than regular sized backpacks, but large enough to hold a lot. I’ve stuffed this thing with water bottle, snacks, extra sweatshirt, wallet, keys, notebook, first aid kit, and more. However, it’s not so big that it gets too heavy, as regular sized backpacks can.

It even fits in a lot of the ride compartments at Disneyland. That is it’s best feature in my book!


It is constructed with a layer of cotton overlaying duck canvas. I used bias tape to bind the seams.


I’ve made six or seven of these bags using a variety of fabrics and interfacing. I’ve used vinyl, suede, plain canvas, fusible fleece, and even satin. The cotton covered canvas, with woven interfacing is my favorite combination! It is nice to work with, strong without being bulky, and holds its shape very well.


I love the pocket in front. While it takes patience to construct it’s not too difficult once you know the method.


This bag also has adjustable straps depending on how you like to wear your backpack.

Supplies Needed:

1/2 yd 41” wide Main Cotton Fabric
42 inches 19” wide Interfacing (I used Pellon SF101)
3/8 yd 58” wide Canvas (I used duck canvas from JoAnn)
One 20 inch zipper
One 13 inch zipper

1 pkg Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape
75 inches 1” wide Strapping
Two 1” wide Rectangle Rings
Two 1” wide Tri-glide adjusters
One “Handmade” Metal Tag (Optional)

This project takes a bit of time and patience when working with multiple pieces, zippers, curves, and interfacings. Difficulty 7/10.

Approximate Finished Dimensions (inches):

Main Compartment 9 x 3.75 x 11, Pocket 7 x 1.5 x 5.75

DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: PART 1: Fabric, Zippers, Pocket


Free Pattern:

Please note, this pattern has been updated. There was an error in the first version of the pattern, the bottom pocket gusset piece should measure 12.75 inches in length. Sorry for the inconvenience!

6 thoughts on “Fun Size Backpack

  1. Lorraine from South Africa says:

    I love this pattern and tutorial. Was was my 1st try. It came out perfect and so cute. Thank you so much ☺

  2. Shirley says:

    Hello! I’m getting ready to cut this project out of my fabric but I have a question. The pattern piece for the pocket bottom gusset says to piece the papers together on the dotted line before cutting your fabric but what’s throwing me off is it says or cut a 13 x 2 1/4“ rectangle from the fabric for the bottom pocket gusset instead of using the pattern. My question is when I tape the two pieces together it’s larger than 13 inches it’s 14 1/2 inches and I’m concerned if that’s correct or not? Please advise.

    • SewEvermore says:

      Oh goodness gracious! How embarrassing! Thank you so much for pointing that out. I will look into it and get back to you ASAP.
      Thanks again!

    • SewEvermore says:

      Thanks, Shirley! The pattern was incorrect. The pocket gusset piece should measure 12.75 – 13 inches, depending on how tight you like it. I usually prefer a more snug fit so mine was cut at 12.75 in. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience! I usually cut the rectangles freehand so I didn’t notice the error in the pattern. Thanks again for letting me know! The pattern has been updated 🙂

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