Pintuck Throw Pillow

I have been wanting to finish this project for years! I made it a few years ago, but never got around to writing the instructions. I am super excited to finally have it completed 🙂



This is a cute little throw pillow and is a lot of fun to make. I absolutely love the beads attached, especially on the dark colored fabric.


You have to be quite precise in your measurements and seams when completing this project. For example, on the side pleats if you are consistently off by even 1/8 inch, you could end up several inches off the mark when you finish. As a result, this project is for more advanced sewers, or those confident in stitching accurate seam allowance sizes. Difficulty 6/10


This is one of my first home decor projects and I really like the results!

To make this project you need the following:

5/8 yard 60 inch fabric (I used taffeta)

One 9 – 11 inch zipper (I used an invisible zipper)

One 12 x 16 inch pillow form

Beads (Optional)

Coordinating Thread


Here is a cut layout and pressing guides for the pillow if needed. I recommend printing the pressing guides on a heavyweight cardstock.

Pintuck Pillow Pressing Guides and Cut Layout by learncreatesew


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