Face Mask with Wide Fabric Ties

With face masks on the brain lately, I can’t help but think of new ways to make them.

This new tutorial has a wide fabric tie in the back, kind of like you would see on a bandanna or headbands. I really like the look of it.


It has an odd shape when flat, but when you wear it it fits snugly against the face. It is also easier to tie than the small straps.


Here is the free pattern!

Wide Tie Face Mask Pattern by learncreatsew Final


It also fits nicely inside the key chain face mask case!


Face Mask Key Chain Pouch Web Pattern by Learncreatesew

Key Chain Case Instructions:

5 thoughts on “Face Mask with Wide Fabric Ties

  1. Lucille Arthmann says:

    Hello! I have a question regarding those great face masks you made using a piece for the ears and then one tie back on the back of the head. I made two for my grandkids and everything fit but the ear pieces. I cut them about 6.5 inches and they still did not go around their ears. Also, I made one for an dull and his ear pieces didn’t fit either. Any advice as to how long I should cut the ear pieces for both masks? I guess my grandkids have big faces and so does my cousin. Lol. Any help would greatly be appreciated. They are fun to make and work so well. Thank you. Lucille

    • SewEvermore says:

      Thanks for letting me know! I am so sorry to hear that they didn’t fit! It sounds like personalized sizing may be helpful.
      What I would do is cut pieces of ribbon that I was confident would be too long, and then I would clip it to the mask I had already made, and ask the intended wearer to try it on. I would them adjust it until it fit them just right, and then make a note of the length. (1/2 inch will be needed for the seam allowance.)
      If having them try it on isn’t an option I would add one inch for the children’s sizes and maybe up to 2 inches for adult sizing. I would guess on the side of being too big. Since the masks tie in the back it is okay if the ear pieces are a little loose.
      I hope this helps! I wish I could give you more accurate information, but sizing is so personal it is difficult to say. I will make a note on my website that added length for the ear pieces may be helpful. Thank you so much for your feedback!

      • Luci Arthmann says:

        Tried to thank you for your advice, but my comment would not post. Great ideas for me to try. Thank you.

        Lucile Arthmann

        Sent from my iPad


  2. Mikka Hull says:

    Somehow i’m either missing the measurements for the pouch or I can’t see it. could you please tell me the measurements for the pouch??? Or show me the pattern location.

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