Sloth Plush – Free Pattern & Instructions

One of my favorite projects that I made this year was a sloth plush! My students absolutely love making plushies, and as I am sure you have noticed sloths are HUGE right now.


I tried several different designs for the plush before coming up with this one.


I really like that you can hang the plush if you want to.


You can also leave it simple or add accessories.


Sewing with fur is a bit of a challenge, but they are so cuddly!


This project difficulty is about a 4/10 if working with fleece, and a 5/10 if working with fur. The project is time consuming since there are a lot of piece, and you have to add a seam allowance to some of the pieces. But the whole project could be completed by hand if you didn’t want to use a machine.

Sloth Plush Instructions by learncreatsew

Sloth Pattern Updated by learncreatesew

I hope to add instructions for accessories in upcoming posts.

2 thoughts on “Sloth Plush – Free Pattern & Instructions

  1. Carol says:

    I really love this pattern but when I go to print it pages 1 and 3 print on top of each other, any ideas how to print all 4 pages separately?

    • SewEvermore says:

      Oh my goodness! How strange. Thanks so much for letting me know. I just uploaded an updated pattern from a different file. I was able to print it out from the website as 4 separate pages. I hope it will work for you! Please let me know if it still gives you an error. Thanks again!

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