Sloth Plush – Free Pattern & Instructions

One of my favorite projects that I made this year was a sloth plush! My students absolutely love making plushies, and as I am sure you have noticed sloths are HUGE right now.


I tried several different designs for the plush before coming up with this one.


I really like that you can hang the plush if you want to.


You can also leave it simple or add accessories.


Sewing with fur is a bit of a challenge, but they are so cuddly!


This project difficulty is about a 4/10 if working with fleece, and a 5/10 if working with fur. The project is time consuming since there are a lot of piece, and you have to add a seam allowance to some of the pieces. But the whole project could be completed by hand if you didn’t want to use a machine.

Sloth Plush Instructions by learncreatsew

Sloth Pattern Updated by learncreatesew

I hope to add instructions for accessories in upcoming posts.

Pig Plush Pattern & Instructions

The Pig Plush pattern and instructions are finally ready!


They are cute and cuddly! With awesome little tails.


The pattern comes with two different sizes so you can choose the size that best suits you.

The smaller plush stands 5 – 6 inches tall and the larger 7- 8 inches. The size varies a bit depending on the stretch of your fabric and how much you fill your plush.

Pig Plush Pattern and Instructions

Fox Plush

I took the pattern I used for the Pig Plush and altered it to make a Fox Plush!


I was really pleased with the results.

I don’t know why, but the cute little tails are always my favorite 🙂



I also changed the size of the pattern, making two different size options.


You can also decorate the plush as you like, or leave it simple.

5img_5761  5img_5757

I’m happy to say that the pattern and instructions are done and ready to share!

Happy Sewing! I hope you have just as much fun making these cute little plushies as I did.

Fox Sewing Pattern and Instructions


Making a Plush Panda

Yesterday’s sewing project was a fun one! A student wanted to make a plush panda as a gift, but we didn’t have a pattern. After browsing for panda pictures online we were inspired by a squishy panda toy and modeled the design for our plush after it.


I think it turned out pretty cute!


It went together very quickly from making the pattern to adding the details. We named him Felix, and the students thought adding a top hat would be a nice touch, though we haven’t done that yet.


The project required about 6 x 45 inches of white fleece. 6 x 20 inches of black fleece. We used JoAnn Blizzard Fleece. It also required a good amount of polyfil (always more than you expect) and safety eyes. We used two 1/2 inch safety eyes for the eyes and one 1/4 inch safety eye for the nose. The mouth was stitched with embroidery floss, and bit of  blush added the rosy glow to the cheeks. If you don’t have safety eyes you could just use felt and carefully cut out circles.


I found that the slip stitches were quite visible on the fleece, but no one seamed to mind, and it turned out to be quite adorable despite that. I think I will just need to work on my technique. I will keep you posted if I find anything that helps minimize the stitches.


The project went together so quickly with such great results that it makes me want to use this style to make other stuffed animals.