Learn to Sew: Lesson 1: Name Tag Stitch Sampler

Welcome to our Learn to Sew series!

This lesson is the first in a series that will teach the basics of sewing. Through a series of projects and exercises we will learn a variety of skills and techniques that are essential to sewing. We will cover everything from hand-sewing to basic bags and crafts, how to use store bought patterns, and general garment construction.

I look forward to sharing with you all that I have learned! I hope you enjoy these lessons.

Lesson Category:

  • Hand Stitching

Lesson Topics:

  • Using a grid ruler
  • How to select your needle
  • Threading the needle
  • Tying a knot
  • Sewing a Backstitch
  • Sewing a Running Stitch
  • Sewing a Whip Stitch

Whether you have been sewing for years or are picking up a needle and thread for the first time, hand stitching is essential. To learn a few basic stitches we are going to make a Name Tag Stitch Sampler. It’s a great project to begin your sewing experience, and it’s fun to display in your room, or on a shelf or locker.


The backstitch is great for the name. It is a strong stitch and there are no spaces between the stitches.


The running stitch is your most basic sewing stitch, and one that is used in most hand sewing projects. The whip stitch also comes in handy in general sewing.



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