Adorable Plush Pig

A few months ago I made a Panda Plush and just loved it! So, over the holiday break I worked on a few more. My favorite is this adorable Plush Pig. I haven’t chosen a name for her yet, but I think she needs one.


She is the same shape as the panda, but without a center stripe.

I also changed the shape of the arm pieces.


The panda had long arms, and they worked great. However, on the pig, they just looked odd. So, she has delicate round arms and legs.

No pig would be complete without an sweet curly tail!


How cute! It was a bit tricky getting the curled shape, but totally worth it.


I had constructed the whole pig, and she was cute, but I felt like something was missing. She had a cute tail, sweet pink ears, but she needed something else. So, I added the bow and eyelashes, giving her a more feminine look.


The plush could definitely be constructed without these touches, but I think it adds a little something extra that gives her personality!

I think this Precious Pig is my favorite plush to date! I am currently working on the pattern and instructions and hope to have them available to post in the future.


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