Mouse Ears Progress

They’re getting closer! I was able to work a bit more on my Belle Mouse Ears Headband today. I purchased a few more trims as accents. I found gold cording at JoAnn and  perfectly colored flowers at dollar tree. Isn’t it great when that happens!

I also, finished up the ears and wrapped the headband in gold net. Originally, the headband was just covered in Shannon Cuddle 3 Minky in Yellow. The minky works great, but it was a little too fuzzy for my liking next to the cotton fabric ears. The gold net overlay adds a bit more of a princess feel as well.

Next I started the bow using Confetti Dot fabric in Gold & White from JoAnn. I hope it will turn out nice! I am looking forward to finishing these!img_0309

Making a Mouse Ears Headband

You’ve got to be prepared with the proper accessories whenever you have a Disney adventure, so today I started making a mouse ears headband.

My headband is Belle themed as I am hoping to eat at the Be Our Guest restaurant on my next visit to Disney World. I purchase my Beauty and the Beast fabric at JoAnn.


Just saying “Disney” makes a project sound so much more exciting! So far I have gathered most of my supplies.


I also fussy cut the fabric for the ears to showcase Belle.


Finally, I put together the ears. I will make a full tutorial in the intermediate projects section of Learn to Sew once they are finished. The project could probably be classified as easy if you complete most of the steps using hot glue, but if you prefer to sew as I do, it adds a bit of complexity.

I got stuck on the headband! I can’t decide what color fabric to use. Choices, choices. I am horrible about deciding 🙂 I am leaning toward gold! We will see how it works out! I am excited to finish these.