Bags & Pouches

The Face Mask Key Chain Case can be found under Free Projects – Service Projects. Happy Sewing!

Rag Edge Tote Bag

Enjoy making the Rag Edge Tote Bag! The rag edge gives this tote a casual vintage feel. While the exterior has a plethora of decorative seams, the interior is nice and smooth and even has the option of an added pocket. I hope you enjoy making this bag as much as I did! Difficulty level … Continue reading Rag Edge Tote Bag

Pencil Pouch

Who doesn’t love a great little clutch pouch? Here is a tutorial for a quick and easy pencil pouch. You can make two pouches with just 1/4 yard of fabric. It is also a great way to use that scrap fabric that you may have laying around the house. TWO OPTIONS: There are two tutorial … Continue reading Pencil Pouch

Zip-On Tool Caddy

For my latest project I wanted a tool bag that you could hang on the back of the chair. I find that in the Sewing classroom tools can end up all over the place, and tripping over them is not a fun experience. I decided to make a simple tote that you could zip on … Continue reading Zip-On Tool Caddy

Cell Phone Pouch

When I set out to make this project I wanted something simple. I wanted a cute, fun bag that even beginning students could make with success. For that reason, this is a bag making basics project. One zipper, one pocket, done. I had intended this project for my younger students, thinking it would appeal mostly … Continue reading Cell Phone Pouch

Round Drawstring Bag

 I was contemplating what my next sewing project would be, I couldn’t help thinking about what is on everyone’s minds at present. Toilet paper. Yes, it is a rare and precious commodity nowadays. So! What to do… Well, if you feel the need to travel with your toilet paper so you are prepared for those … Continue reading Round Drawstring Bag

Pocket (Gift Card) Pouch

With the fabric I had left over from the Toilet Paper Drawstring bag, I wanted to make another little project. A gift card pouch seemed perfect! I had enough fabric to make the pouch in two sizes. The smaller pouch is perfect for gift cards, and the larger pouch can hold items that are a … Continue reading Pocket (Gift Card) Pouch

Classic Fanny Pack

I have been wanting to make a fanny pack for years, and I finally did! This is a classic fanny pack with a curved top flap. It’s what I always picture in my head when I think of a fanny pack. I made several different patterns before I settled on this one, and it was … Continue reading Classic Fanny Pack

Flat Fanny Pack

Here is my second fanny pack! This one is a flat version. The construction of this fanny pack is quite a bit easier than my classic fanny pack. It has a zipper window rather than a zipper on a curve. This is a great option if you are learning how to sew zippers. The difficulty … Continue reading Flat Fanny Pack

Super Simple Tote Bag

This project is quick and easy, a simple tote bag that is a great project for new sewers. It is also really nice for gifts! This bag is back to basics with a simple lining and fabric handle. This project doesn’t take long to make and can be easily adjusted for other sizes. The corners … Continue reading Super Simple Tote Bag

Fun Size Backpack

I absolutely LOVE this backpack! This is my favorite size backpack to take to amusement parks. At 9 x 11 inches it is smaller than regular sized backpacks, but large enough to hold a lot. I’ve stuffed this thing with water bottle, snacks, extra sweatshirt, wallet, keys, notebook, first aid kit, and more. However, it’s … Continue reading Fun Size Backpack

Flat Zipper Pouch

This is a classic zipper pouch! It is a great project to start sewing zippers if you want to learn. These make great pencil bags. They are also fun to fill and give as gifts. This is also a fun project to use decorative stitching on. I love adding a cute stitch to the contrasting bottom … Continue reading Flat Zipper Pouch

Water Bottle Holder

The supplies for making a water bottle holder have been sitting in my closet for quite a while, and I was excited to finally use them! I was walking through the Dollar Tree and found this super cute water bottle and thought it was just perfect for the water bottle holder that I wanted to … Continue reading Water Bottle Holder

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